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Upgrade To be fully up to date with IAC and CIVA requirements for 2016 you must use Aresti 2016. As Aresti is now being distributed by email, all users of 2014 or earlier software are encouraged to upgrade immediately.

Note that Aresti 2016 requires Microsoft Visio Standard 2002/03/07/10 or 2012. It will not run with earlier versions.

You can download CIVA 2016 FreeKnown sequence Visio files with the compulsory, nominated figures already completed:
Power Unlimited : Power Advanced : Power Int/Yak52 : Glider Unlimited : Glider Advanced

Aresti 2016

... is approved by the International Aerobatic Commission, CIVA
... includes all the figures in the Aresti System (Condensed) for 2016
... testing of CIVA, IAC and BAeA Free and FreeKnown Programmes for 2016
... is compatible with all IAC Rules for 2016
... produces all the judging forms needed in aerobatic competition, including new Forms L & R
... can be used for powered-aircraft or glider aerobatics
... can create cockpit sequence cards in any size
... contains extensive automation for repetitive tasks and ease of use
... is compatible with all PCs running Windows XP or later software
... is downloadable and is available now

Aresti 2016 software is downloadable free of charge.